Larry Neokosmidis

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I come from Thessaloniki, a wonderful place to be brought up in. My destiny led me to Lesvos Island where I completed my undergraduate studies in Environmental Science at the University of the Aegean. During that time, I focused especially on the discipline of ecology. I was very interested in the spatial distribution of species and biodiversity in terrestrial ecosystems. For this reason, I attended the postgraduate program in Geography and Applied Geo-informatics at the Department of Geography of the University of the Aegean. This offered me good background skills to elucidate the spatial component of ecological processes.

I adore life on the island. It offers many opportunities for outdoor activities such as canoeing, which I am especially fond of. The decision to continue my studies on the Island was predetermined. Currently, I am engaged in my PhD studies, which investigate the landscape ecology of wild bees and its influence on pollination networks in the Aegean Archipelago, within the framework of the POL-AEGIS project.

I am deeply interested in spatial ecology, especially at the landscape level. So far, my research focused on Hymenoptera, but I intend to widen my taxonomic scope in the future. Moreover, I am interested in relationships and interactions between guilds through mutualistic networks.


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