About the lab

The laboratory of Biogeography and Ecology supports multifaceted academic activities in the scientific areas of biogeography, ecology, as well as the conservation of nature and its resources. At the same time, the laboratory plays an active part in social events by participating in the dissemination of knowledge and in environmental education programmes.

It is an active educational unit for the students of the University of the Aegean, and for scientific partners in international research projects, and it constitutes a magnet for researchers from Europe and the USA, due to its expertise and facilities (e.g. biogeography of wild bees, pollination ecology, terraces, salt-pans, the Melissotheque of the Aegean).

Since 2002, when it was incorporated into the University of the Aegean’s “University Hill”, it has hosted dozens of scientists from Europe and the USA for short and long periods of research, has carried out research projects, supported and trained graduate students, published books, and organised various workshops, as well as an international congress.

Read what the national and international press has written about our work, here.

                                                           Showing off our bees, March 2013