Vangelis Mizerakis

Vangelis is currently a MSc student at Ludwig-Maximilians University of Munich. 😊


I was born in Augsburg, Germany and grew up in Athens, Greece where I finished high school. Now I am an undergraduate student of Environmental Sciences at the University of the Aegean.

Since I remember myself, I've had an unshakable urge for being in, or at least near Nature. Reptiles and invertebrates, in particular insects, had always been at the top of my interests. Therefore, being in the Biogeography and Ecology laboratory, where I mainly deal with the taxonomy of beetles, is something that really makes me feel happy.

I am also pretty interested in travelling, nature activities, craftworks and organic farming.


Lazarina, M., Devalez, J., Neokosmidis, L., Sgardelis, S.P., Kallimanis, A.S., Tscheulin, T., Tsalkatis, P., Kourtidou, M., Mizerakis, V., Nakas, G., Palaiologou, P., Kalabokidis, K., Vujic, A., Petanidou, T. 2019. Moderate fire severity is best for the diversity of most of the pollinator guilds in Mediterranean pine forests. Ecology e02615.

Lazarina, M., Sgardelis, S.P., Tscheulin, T., Devalez, J., Mizerakis, V., Kallimanis, A.S, Papakonstantinou, S., Kyriazis, T., Petanidou, T. 2016. The effect of fire history in shaping diversity patterns of flower-visiting insects in post-fire Mediterranean pine forests. Biodiversity and Conservation (in press).

Colorful Pygopleurus species (Family: Glaphyridae)

Aquatic macroinvertebrate sampling in Mantamados waterfall

Preperation of our organic garden