Stavroula Sotiropoulou

I was born in Athens and raised in Kalamata, a city in southern Peloponnese. In 2007, I started my undergraduate studies in Geography at the University of the Aegean and I graduated in 2012 with a specialization in GIS. My undergraduate thesis focused on the development of a geographic database of the chemical properties of the aromatic flora of Greece.

I am currently working for the POL-AEGIS research project as a laboratory assistant. I am mainly occupied with the management of the project's databasing system, which contains all the information about the incoming pollinator and plant specimens collected from all around Greece. 

During my free time I like handcrafting, camping and, as a good geographer, I love travelling around the world!


Kantsa A, Sotiropoulou S, Vaitis M, Petanidou T. 2015. Plant volatilome in Greece: a review on the properties, prospects, and chemogeography. Chemistry & Biodiversity, 12(10): 1466-1480.